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Lutz Anderie

SRH University Heidelberg
Games Lecturer
Lutz Anderie is an internationally renowned expert within the games, media and entertainment industry. He has extensive work experience in business, sales and marketing management. Lutz was still a student when he founded his first start-up and during his further career he worked at Sony Playstation, the leading provider of games consoles hardware and software; Atari, the inventor of commercial video games; and Namco Bandai, the stock-market listed Japanese games and toys corporation. Lutz has successfully managed the launch of more than 100 video games, including top sellers such as Uncharted, Gran Turismo and The Witcher and he supports start-ups within the area of games and Youtube TV. He holds a university teaching position with SRH University Heidelberg and lectures in ‘Game Publishing’ and ‘Company Start-Up and Management’. His new book ‘Games Industry Management – Gründung, Strategie und Leadership’ will be published in spring 2016.