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ExitGames Stuttgart
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Michael Bierhahn studied Media Informatics and Design at the University of Applied Sciences Hof in Bavaria/Germany. In 2009 he spent time in India for 7 months. There he studied at the university of Bangalore with the focus of Business Management. Since 2011 he was working full time at the company Porsche in Stuttgart. In December 2013 he founded as one of the first in Germany ExitGames in Stuttgart, a provider of live action games, initially as a hobby. But the business was growing extremely strong and so he decided to focus on ExitGames and quit his job at Porsche. Currently, he is responsible for 6 live action rooms of which he has built 3 game rooms itself. The company currently has 30 employees in part-time and 4 stores. His expertise in live-action games is currently in high demand, especially because it is still a very young trend.