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Alexander Pieper

Studio Fizbin GmbH
Co-Founder & Technical Director
Born in 1985, right after the videogame crash and in the beginning of a new golden age, he grew up with NES, SNES, Mega Drive and his first PC. In 1997 he read a BASIC-Book and programmed his first Text-Adventure for his brother’s birthday, „Survive Afternoon School“. As he dived further in programming and the architecture of videogames, he started studying Applied Computer Sciences in 2007. After a workshop with the „Filmakademie“, his decision was set. He wanted to make story-driven games for a living. Games, which should take the player to places they’ve never been before. Alexander then founded Studio Fizbin together with Sebastian and Mareike and took over the role of the Technical Director in 2011 and began working on his biggest project till then, “The Inner World”. In 2013 “The Inner World” was released and found its way through the App-Store and Steam to many players around the world. It also won several awards including the most important award in Germany, “Best German Game” in 2014. Right now he is working as Game Director and Technical Director on Studio Fizbins newest project: „Beyond The Mountains“, an exploration focused game based on the world invented by the famous author H.P. Lovecraft.