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Martin Ganteföhr

Interactive Writer | Designer | Director

Martin Ganteföhr studied literature and linguistics, but turned towards storytelling in games in 1996. For nearly two decades, he has been working as writer, designer and director in the interactive industry. In 1998, Ganteföhr co-founded House of Tales Entertainment, the first German studio to specialize in adventure games, and led the company for 12 years as a CEO and Creative Director. Ganteföhr's work spans more than 25 published software titles in various formats and genres, from TV-license adaptations (‘X-Files’, ‘Terra-X’) to award-winning narratives (‘The Moment of Silence’, ‘Overclocked’).

Since 2010, Ganteföhr has been working as a freelance game writer, narrative designer, lecturer and consultant. As a senior lecturer, he teaches Game Development and Research (MA) as well as Digital Games (BA) classes at the Cologne Game Lab (—a faculty of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences). His latest interactive work, a script written for the transmedia radio play ‘39’ (Westdeutscher Rundfunk), was released in early 2015.

Ganteföhr is currently collaborating with the Berlin-based theater ensemble machina Ex on the interactive stage play ‘Toxik’, providing script and design work. For Hamburg’s storytelling specialists Daedalic Entertainment, he is leading the development of an unannounced story-driven video game project, scheduled for release in 2016.