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Silja Rheingans

International Games Week
Organizer of People and Things
Wanting to be a singer, a journalist, an author, a coder, a game designer, and several other things that little girls dream of, Silja studied way too long and ended up being none of it. Instead she became the Organizer of People and Things: Connecting community & project management at International Games Week Berlin, she manages big parts of the Games Week network, coordinates event business and does wild Guerilla marketing at partys and networking events. Besides that, she's the project manager and hostess of Games Week's new regular event Game <3 Cinema, also based in Berlin. And like everyone Silja does have several side projects, like her job as a game tester for the USK, being an assistant teacher at the University for Game Studies, and - since you should never stop dreaming - there are still these vague but passionate planes for becoming a badass coder